• Question #1

    Does a package work on multiple TV ?


    No, it's a subscription per box android.

  • Question #2

    If I have 2 or 3 TVs what to do?


    I make a special price for several subscriptions.

  • Question #3

    If, I want to buy couple Android boxes?


    I also make a special price contact me.

  • Question #4

    What if I need help?


    You can write to me on the website in the online Chat or write a email.

  • Question #5

    What if I have freezing in the image?


    First test, disconnect the 110v android box (electricity) and also your Router / Modem. Then reconnect the whole to 110v (electricity).

  • Question #6

    What happens if I clone my subscription?


    Your subscription will be blocked.

  • Question #7

    Can I test for free?


    No, we dont provide test....

  • Question #8

    Can We record?


    Yes with the Diablo recoder box

  • Question #9

    How do I see the time remaining on the subscription?


    In Wowtv when entering the application go left completely in settings (wowtv). In the other packages (stbemu) when you see the different languages ​​you go right into Account.

  • Question #10

    How long to receive my android box?


    1 to 3 working days.

  • Question #11

    I would like to know how it works?


    Go to the youtube channel at www.youtube.com/tvboxwow

  • Question #12

    What are the strongest Android boxes?


    The t95k Pro and T95z Plus on the Site.

  • Question #13

    Which package works on PC?


    Ipguys on PC with Kodi.

  • Question #14

    What are the payment methods?


    The simplest and easiest is by bank interac email transfer or Paypal.

  • Question #15

    What information does Interac email bank transfer payments are?


    The email for the transfer info@tvboxwow.com And as a question: What is the color?
    - The answer: purple

  • Question #16

    How to connect the android box?


    Watch the video on the YOUTUBE channel.

  • Question #17

    The Android box with the packages work where ?


    All over the world where you have an internet connection.

  • Question #18

    I have a ROKU box what package works ?


    The Roku box is very limited, only wowtv works on this box. You do not have access to the full content and other packages that an Android box offers. So, that Roku change the code without notice when this happens you must wait for the new code (does not happen on Android this problem).

  • Question #19

    I have on Host not Found (stbemu) or gray screen on Wowtv ?


    Your box is not properly configured on the Internet.

  • Question #20

    What happend if a channel does not work ?


    The technicians work on the channel, it will return automatically shortly.

  • Question #21

    What speed do I need for packages ?


    The wowtv need 6 mbps and up, voodoo and ipguys need 10 mbps and up as well as Ok2 need 20 mbps and up .

  • Question #22

    How to know my speed in mbps of my internet?


    Go to www.speedtest.net and start the test. The downloading test is your speed in mbps.

  • Question #23

    What is the refund policy ?


    All products are final sale, on android boxes the warranty is 1 year for any electronic problem. Merchants are not required to have an exchange and refund policy. If they choose to have one, they are free to set the conditions.